We view all of our relationships with our clients as true partnerships and want you to feel able to trust us to deliver what you need, when you need it…

So how does it all work and what can I expect from LSA?

We view all of our relationships with our clients as true partnerships and want you to feel able to trust us to deliver what you need, when you need it. In order to achieve this, we follow a tried and tested methodology which can be fully tailored to meet your needs and wishes, as well as producing personalised documentation to support each stage of the process. We take pride in the fact that when we conduct a search for you, we are representing you and your organisation in the market place and we never underestimate the importance of this. Understanding that preparation is key to the successful conclusion of any project, our team dedicate time to producing a personalised and thorough set of documents, both for our internal use together, and to share with prospective candidates.


Client briefing/Needs assessment

This is an integral part to the process to enable us to fully and comprehensively understand exactly what you are looking for in your new hire which will help us to respond to your needs in the quickest and most accurate way possible. We understand that every company has certain nuances and needs that can’t always be conveyed on paper and sometimes you’re not even 100% sure of what you need – together we can help you shape this. At this stage we can also agree timeframes, confidentiality aspects, interview processes and be sure that everyone is aligned in all aspects of the search.

Following the briefing session, we will prepare our LSA recruiting profile. This document is a key part of our discussions with candidates and serves to educate them on your organisation, your successes, the market you operate in, the profile of person you are looking for and what the role looks like. It serves as a discussion point for us with candidates and is a chance for us to showcase you as a potential future employer whilst detailing the requirement you have.


Targeting and qualification process

We thoroughly research your competitor landscape and agree on any companies that you specifically do, or do not, wish us to approach and, at this stage, will create a Target List document which we share with you, for your review/approval. Our dedicated in house research team then map out the individuals within the target companies, leaving no stone unturned, and we simultaneously consult with our broad network of contacts to be sure that we are able to capture the most relevant people for the search. From here, the team will begin to make targeted, discreet approaches to potential candidates…

The team working with you are ready, prepared, and happy to discuss your assignment with you as frequently as you wish to. Typically we prepare a progress report to share with you every week, detailing the candidates at all stages in the process, this can be tailored to reflect the information you wish to see and how often you wish to see it.



Having taken the time at the beginning of the process to undertake a full briefing with you now allows us to fully present your organisation to potential candidates and be sure that we know, and are able, to identify the talent that you need. We will carry out in depth interviews before any candidates are presented to you in a shortlist and will qualify them carefully against set criteria, according to your needs.


Shortlist and Presentation

On completion of our shortlist, we will provide you with comprehensive documentation on each candidate including a consultant’s report, documenting our discussions with them and mapping their competencies and skills to the role, together with any relevant supporting documentation dependent on the location of your search (Zwischenzeugnis etc). We will then take care of all interview arrangements, collect feedback from the candidates and work with you to a smooth and successful conclusion. Having built a strong bond with the candidates throughout the process, we ensure that all candidates in the process are professionally managed and communicated with, whether they are successful or not, and that they leave the experience with a positive image of your organisation.


Referencing and completion

As we near the end of the process together, LSA work very closely with both sides in terms of negotiating and agreeing compensation details, start dates and undertaking references, as required. We fully support the candidate in all aspects of resignation, onboarding and beyond!