It’s an unfortunate occurrence that Executive Search and Recruitment are often thought of as equivalent methods for sourcing candidates. While recruiters work to present a pool of candidates that fit a specific criteria, Executive Search consultants work to identify, evaluate and hand pick the most suitable and high calibre candidates. At LSA, we follow a tried and tested methodology which can be fully tailored to meet our clients’ needs.


Let’s take a look at some of the key differences…


Executive Search




Consultants will focus on a limited number of assignments – typically retained – for their client to ensure a high quality service is delivered to develop an ongoing relationship. Work on many assignments simultaneously which can result in the tougher assignments being forgotten as there is little motivation to persist with them.

Start the process with having a firm understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. Agreeing on timeframes and fees.


Fees are paid if a CV put forward by the recruiter is successful in the process. These fees are usually lower as less work is involved in the qualification of candidates.


Targets candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities and who have diverse backgrounds that match the client’s specification.


Use advertisements and online CV databases to find people currently looking for a new company who likely fit elements of the client’s criteria. This leads to a quick presentation of a large number of CV’s.


When reaching out to candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, all discussions and any interest is kept confidential. Time and care goes into helping candidates see the advantages to moving to another company.


Works with a larger number of both candidates and clients, meaning less time is spent actually selling the idea of a new job to the candidate and so there is little inspiration for the candidate to invest their future with a new company.


Takes the time to interview and screen candidates fully in line with the process. A collection of high quality candidates are identified that not only match the job specification, but also the company culture to ensure a long tenure with the company.


After CV’s are shared, it is up to the client to qualify and evaluate the appropriateness on the candidate. Recruiters work by getting many CV’s over to the client in the hope that one will be successful. This results in extra time being taken by the client to screen more candidates who may or may not be appropriate.


Remain engaged with the client and candidate through every step of the process to ensure the quality and commitment of the candidate. A successful placement depends heavily on the long term commitment from the candidate to the client.


Put forward candidates quickly to try and place them in a shorter time, sometimes resulting in placed candidates leaving the company earlier than expected.



LSA work as a niche Executive Search partner and we pride ourselves on our international success! As our client, we represent you and your organisation in the marketplace and never underestimate the importance of this.


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