Should you be on social media when you’re seeking a new career opportunity? Of course! Your social media can be a powerful tool in securing a position with a desirable company. Why aren’t you following the employers you want to work for? Many companies use LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook to advertise opportunities so use this to your advantage! Just remember to clean up your profiles first…

It is possible to have a personal profile that maintains professional language and tone and, since anything you wouldn’t want your new employer to see can be made private; publicly posting overly inappropriate pictures or comments can seriously impact your chances of being considered. Research by Jobvite found that more than 50% of employers viewed candidates’ social media profiles before making a job offer and that doesn’t include the search consultants that are likely to help you get that job in the first place – Head hunters, recruiters and employers all take a look …

The following article provides 4 easy ways to improve your social media profile when looking for a new job:


“Previously, social media was not something we directly associated with getting a job; today, it is an increasingly important aspect for many job seekers. With so many social channels available and do’s and don’ts associated with profiles, what are the best techniques for using these mediums to obtain your next job?

Here are four common mistakes people make when it comes to their social media presence and job seeking:

Forgetting they have a profile

If you are trying to land the latest job that involves using the internet or being heavily involved with technology, it is crucial that you not only have a social media presence but also that it is up to date. Whatever your choice of channel – LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, for example – your profile should not be outdated. At least once a year, you should check to make sure your credentials – such as your employer and job title – are up to date. As you will probably have a yearly review at some point, it is a good idea to do this at the same time.

Sharing too much with everyone

Unless you are an influencer or are trying to become one, sharing what you had for dinner last night, what your dog did on Sunday and what antics you got up to with your friends is not a good idea; likewise, your future employer, manager and colleagues do not need to know your political views. If you think no one will see your profile, think again! Even if you are not famous, many people you meet will be hunting you down on these channels to find out a bit more about you; in fact, there are even applications that will present your social media profiles to people with whom you have arranged meetings! Be careful what you are divulging on social media – you never know who is watching you.

Lacking a website, particularly if you are self-employed

For most people, having your own website is too much. Although you may stand out a little when you are searching for jobs, a high-quality LinkedIn profile will work just as well; however, if you are a freelancer or you doing work on the side, having your own website is a great way of making the best first impression.

It helps to showcase your personality and individual creativity, providing you with a fantastic marketing tool that you can utilise when applying for new roles.

Using an unprofessional photo

The world has gone selfie mad, but don’t start cropping your favourites to create your professional social media profile picture.

There is no need to spend a fortune having your photo taken professionally, but make sure you have a clear, white background and you are not surrounded by your friends in your favourite bar.

You do not need to be obsessed with social media to create those all-important first impressions; instead, simply make sure your profile is updated, you have a professional photo, and that any information that is publicly available is OK for a potential or current employer to read.

Delete embarrassing posts and photos and you will be well on your way to making the right first impression.”

As head hunters, we make sure that our candidates are fully briefed on the effect their social media profiles can have on their candidacy. A well curated profile can make all the difference, and being able to understand someone’s background and interests, at least initially, can really highlight you in the market.

We really look forward to hearing your thoughts!